Meditative Music for Good Friday

Here's some quiet meditative music for Good Friday. It's the medieval antiphon 'O Crux Glorioso' (O Cross Glorious) by John Dunstaple (1390 - 1453), sung by the Orlando Consort. 

The image is a very ancient paleochristian cross that is in the Eremo di S.Croce (Hermitage of the Holy Cross), Castelterminis near Agrigento, Italy. 


  1. That was lovely Nancy. I love really early music, there's a sort of purity about it which is spoilt when it becomes more sophisticated in later centuries.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. I'm pleased you enjoyed it Ray. It's not to everyone's taste. I find that when I need something to express sorrow or tranquillity then medieval sacred music is hard to beat. But I prefer later music - classical right through to contemporary, for expressing joy.


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