Friday, 2 March 2012

Sun, sea and poverty

I've just driven back through cold thick mist from an early morning medical appointment for my husband. It made me long to see the sun and have a bit of warmth again.

Some people in the UK seek sun and warmth on their holidays - the Caribbean being a popular destination for those who can afford to travel that far to escape the British winter. Consequently many people associate countries like Jamaica with sun, sea and beach rather than a place where, as well as wealth, there are areas of deep need, such as in the slum areas of Kingston.

Christian Aid partner S-corner has been engaged in community work in Bennetland, Kingston, Jamaica for the last 18 years. This is an inner-city area known for poverty and gun crime. S-Corner is named after the shape of the cross-roads where its clinic and community centre are located. One example of its work is providing elderly residents like Frederick with a hot meal

The Count Your Blessings Lent calendar informs me today that £1.45 will pay for one person to benefit from a community health outreach session that S-Corner runs. Christian Aid suggests you give 20p for every time you have accessed free healthcare this year. Well, for myself I think that has been 3 times, so 60p. Now perhaps I should get my husband to count his - it will be a lot.

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