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A Real Treat

My father would have been astonished at me posting a steam locomotive photo. (Not my photo - see below.) Had he lived long enough to blog he might have blogged about steam trains. When I told him I couldn't understand this enthusiasm, his joking response was, 
"women have no soul".I think he may have been quoting someone - Aristotle? Tell me if you know the origin.

For some people seeing or operating steam engines is a REAL TREAT - I'm beginning to understand that, thanks to Fred Dibnah and other enthusiasts like my husband. So, if you're a steam enthusiast, in the words of the well-known ad, 'treat yourself, because you're worth it'. Find a steam engine to play with! I won't. 

But I do like a treat. One of my regular treats comes as a gift through a blog I follow. Dave Perry's Visualtheology blog (successor to davesdistrictblog) has superb original photos and interesting reflective writing from a Christian perspective. I like the quote (English …

World Cup Fever

Today's the day I come out and say, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN FOOTBALL.

Never have. Probably never will.

Kicking a ball about with my children years ago and now with my grandchildren is fun but I won't attempt that once they're old enough to use the proper grown up football (soccer ball). I did once regularly watch rugby football - standing on the touchline as a 17 year old schoolgirl watching the local boys' school team play, but my interest was in the boys and their bodies and not what they were doing with the ball.

I was not thrilled to hear a TV reporter tell me this morning that 'World Cup fever begins today'. This was accompanied by a photo of 23 men and 1 women in grey lounge suits standing to attention before boarding their flight to South Africa. Apparently they were the England team.

The Church of England website is now showing 3 prayers here for the World Cup, including one for people like me who really couldn't care less. I do care about Sout…