Epiphany journey and rest

6th January is the Feast of the Epiphany. It marks the end of the Christmas season and the start of the Epiphany season which continues to Candlemas on 2nd February.

The celebration on 6th January features the strange outsiders from the east, the magi, the 'wise men'. They followed the direction of a new star, expecting to find a new special king. What they found was a toddler with his parents, in an ordinary house in Bethlehem, on what was presumably for Mary, Joseph and their son Jesus, an ordinary day. And they were overwhelmed with joy.You can find my previous posts for Epiphany on my Epiphany page here.

Something wonderful was revealed to those mysterious strangers that the locals didn't see. They experienced an 'epiphany', an eye-opener, a moment of revelation. They glimpsed the glory of God in the face of the child Jesus. You can read the story in Matthew's gospel here and you might notice that unlike most nativity plays there are no camels, no kings, no s…

Advent Word: Beloved

On the 24th day of Advent and Christmas Eve the Advent Word is 'beloved'. The word 'beloved' reminds me of this verse from Chrisina Rosetti's poem, 'In the bleak mid-winter'.
"Angels and archangels may have gathered there,Cherubim and seraphim thronged the air;But His mother only, in her maiden bliss,Worshipped the beloved with a kiss."
Image Credit: Flickr, CC License

Advent Word: Message

Today's Advent Word is 'message'. It's nearly the end of Advent. Christmas Eve is tomorrow so I'm thinking of the message of Christmas. The heart of the Christmas message can be found through the Christmas story.

The Christmas story takes us to a manger where Mary laid her baby, because there was no room in the guest rooms of Bethlehem.
Once upon a time, shepherds hurried there to find the new born Christ-child. There had heard a message from angels about good news of great joy to all people.
Once upon a time, wise men came to worship him. They had received a message through studying signs in the heavens.
But the message of Christmas is that God isn’t confined to ‘Once upon a time’. God has become incarnate – taking on our flesh, expressing himself as babies do in such an immediate way to to hunger, pleasure, joy, pain. What an amazing message.
The message of the story is that in Jesus, God gave himself to the world, not in overwhelming power, but in the vulnerability a…