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Augustine, 1st Archbishop of Canterbury

When did Christianity first come to Britain? Certainly not with the missionary monk St Augustine of Canterbury.

In the Church of England it is his day today - more of Augustine, 1st Archbishop of Canterbury in a moment.

Pictured in this stained glass with blond hair and pale complexion, Augustine looks more like an Anglo-Saxon than the Italian born immigrant that he was. 

There are medieval traditions (and legends) of Christians in Roman Briton in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. There is good evidence that by the 3rd and 4th centuries there were churches and bishops in the British Isles. Augustine of Canterbury (not to be confused with Augustine of Hippo) was certainly not the first Christian missionary in this small corner of northern Europe.

On the old Roman Road from Dover to London was an ancient Celtic town on the River Stour which the Romans developed into the walled city of Canterbury as a centre for Roman regional government. At the time when Pope Gregory sent a group of Benedictin…

Pentecost: relighting the candles of faith

Would it have been a disaster if our 4 year old son had blown out the candles? Probably not. We could have re-lit them. It could have been embarrassing though.

We were visiting Clifton Cathedral (Catholic), in Bristol. Thankfully for us the building was more or less empty at the time. Our younger son, standing in front of a stand holding a ring of votive candles alight with flames thought 'birthday cake candles'.

He filled his little lungs with air ready to make an enormous effort to blow the candles out. I grabbed and diverted him just in time. The candles stayed lit.

So, what has that memory got to do with the Feast of Pentecost?

3 things:

In that same Cathedral is the beautiful stained glass window by Henry Haig entitled 'Pentecost', symbolising the event recounted in Acts 2: 1 - 11. I love it! There is also another window by the same artist called 'Jubilation', symbolizing the joy of the Holy Spirit.Pentecost ('Whit Sunday'), at the end of the 50 days o…

Reflection for the Feast of Ascension

Reflection for Ascension Day
Christ of two worlds, earth and heaven, now and not yet, not here and now here.
Christ of two dimensions, exalted and embracing, lifted beyond yet present here.
Christ of cross and resurrection, arms stretched out to bear our pain and lifted up to bless.
Christ risen and ascended, above us and amongst us leaving and returning carry us and bless us.

Image Credit: Not sure who to credit. Found here.
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Why blog? Thoughts on Seeker's 6th Birthday

6 today! That's the age of Seeker blog. Should I celebrate? Or not? Well, to keep going for 6 years is an achievement, so I'll give myself a pat on the back. 

I am pre-scheduling this post for 2 May 2015 as I expect to have other things on my mind on this day. (I may tell you about that next week.) The ability to schedule when a post is published is one of the more useful skills acquired in the blog learning process. If you have seen any of my posts published at 6.00 am there is no need to admire my early rising abilities. I probably wrote it the day before - or even a week before and scheduled it to publish automatically at my chosen time and date.

I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it when I started this personal blog 6 years ago today. I think the main conscious motivation was wanting to learn how - I really do like learning new skills - and I enjoy writing. The unconscious motivation was (and is) far more complex - and none of your business. Yes, I am a rather…