Saints and Special People

Fra Angelico painting 'All Saints' from

This page provides links to my posts about saints, Christian martyrs and other special people. They are arranged in calendar order as for their commemoration or feast days.

You can click on any title to be taken to the post.


25 January Conversion of Paul
25 January Persecution and Conversion


1 February St Brigid and a Fun Poem
14 February St Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday
14 February Happy Valentine's Day
14 February Ban Valentine's Day?


1 March St David's Day
2 March St Chad of Mercia
17 March St Patrick's Day Prayer and Song
20 March St Cuthbert's Day
31 March John Donne: 'for whom the bell tolls'


23 April St George's Day


14 May (or 24 Feb) Replacement chosen by lottery and prayer26 May What have immigrants ever done for us? Augustine of Canterbury
28 May Going Quietly off-piste St Bernard of Menthon


9 June St Columba's Day
9 June St Columba
11 June Mentoring and St Barnabas
11 June When the excrement hits the fan (Barnabas)

11 June What difference can one person make?


3 July Thomas the apostle: the one who asked questions
11 July St Benedict of Nursia
14 July 14 July and John Keble

15 July Waking up to rain on St Swithun's Day
15 July Is it raining today? (St Swithun)
22 July Mary Magdalene: Thoughts on her Feast Day
22 July Festival of Mary Magdalene
22 July Who was the real Mary Magdalene?
22 July Mary Magdalene: Festival
22 July Mary Magdalene - a Model Disciple?

25 July James the Apostle
25 July James, a son of thunder
26 July Père Jacques Hamel
29 July Mary, Martha and Lazarus
30 July Change-makers: William Wilberforce, Oloudah Equiano, Thomas Clarkson


9 August Mary Sumner, Founder of the Mothers' Union
11 August Clare of Assisi, Founder of the Minoresses (Poor Clares)
14 August Maximilian Kolbe (1894 - 1941)
14 August Maximilian Kolbe
14 August Man in Striped Pajamas - Maximilian Kolbe

15 August Should Christians obey Mary, Mother of Jesus?15 August Blessed Virgin Mary
15 August Assuming too Much - Blessed Virgin Mary
28 August Augustine of Hippo
31 August Aidan of Lindisfarne
31 August Aidan Gets my Vote


1 September St Giles the Hermit of Provence
21 September Pointing Fingers on St Matthew's Day: a repost
21 September St Matthew's Day Reflection
29 September Michaelmas
30 September Jerome, Translator of the Scriptures, Teacher


4 October Francis of Assissi: living the prayer
18 October Was Luke the Evangelist also an artist?
18 October St Luke's Day
31 October All Hallows' Eve

31 October Halloween
31 October Martin Luther and 500 years
31 October Martin Luther and a great sound

1 November Hymn for All Saints Day
1 November All Saints Day
2 November All Souls Day
11 November Martin, Bishop of Tours and Armistice Day
16 November St Margaret of Scotland
17 November Sick people, shoemakers and swans
19 November Hilda of Whitby

22 November St Cecilia's Day and the March of the Thumbs
22 November St Cecilia's Day
30 November St Andrew's Day 2018
30 November St Andrew's Day
30 November St Andrew's Day Rambling Roundup
30 November Mediation and St Andrew


6 December St Nicholas Day 2017
6 December St Nicholas Day
6 December St Nicholas' Day and Seeker's 400th post
29 December On the 5th Day of Christmas Thomas Becket was murdered