I'm Nancy Wallace a now retired priest in the Church of England and until recently a Vocations Adviser. I used to be a social worker and teacher. I'm also a wife, mother and grandmother. I'm learning to paint with watercolour - but oh isn't it frustrating? I try and fail, try again and fail. Sometimes it all comes right. A bit like life really.

What is this blog for?
It's a place to write about some of the things on my mind. I write from a Christian perspective, but not every post is about Christianity. Opinions are mine. No-one is paying me to write posts. I write what I believe to be true, but sometimes I get things wrong or change my mind. Please tell me if you see something you think needs correcting or that I need to rethink.

Comments are Welcome
I welcome your courteous comments, whether you agree with me or not. Comments are subject to moderation. I reserve the right to remove comments I consider offensive.

Why call this blog 'Seeker'?
A saying of Jesus that challenges me is
"Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (Matthew 6: 33).
I want to go on seeking, although that can be uncomfortable. I am encouraged by belief that the real 'Seeker' is God who reaches out in love to 'seek and save that which is lost'. So even when I mess up, which I do, or get lost, I know there's a way back home. I hope you will also find that Way and that Love.

Some Ways to contact me
You can find me on Twitter @Seeking1st
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