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Archbishop Justin, Christian Baptism and a certain royal event

'Baptism' or 'christening' will be much in the news tomorrow because of a certain event involving the British royal household.I was encouraged by this well made video. Justin Welby can't say in just over 5 minutes all that could be said about Christian baptism, but it's a welcoming introduction. I would recommend any new parent wondering about baptism/christening for their child or themselves to take a look at it as a starter. (You can read more about Christian baptism as practised in the Church of England here.)
A yearning to mark significant life events with rituals involving family and friends is a universal human need. For those with some belief in God there is often a desire for "bringing God into the middle of it all", whether that is for a birth, marriage or death. God is already there of course but we often need help in articulating and knowing that. And we need help to turn towards God who is always drawing us to himself.
That generously offere…

Saying goodbye to a childhood home

It's hitting me today. The house is still there, but tomorrow is sale completion day on my late mother's home. This photo shows the gate at the bottom of her garden. What fun we children had, going beyond that gate into the wooded area beyond, down the hill to the small stream which we often attempted to dam. Sometimes you have to close a gate, knowing you can never open it again. I did that (tearfully) with this gate not long ago.

I still have a key to "Mum's house". Before the new owners take over tomorrow I could have gone there today and wandered around one last time, but it's too far and I've already walked out for the last time from my childhood home - more than once in fact. It's the place where my brother, sister and I grew up. It's a place of security and happy memories. It's the place where my father died, far too young at 55 years. It's the house my parents bought to provide a bigger place for their growing family. We saw it bein…

Coping with Disappointment

How do you cope with disappointment?
Disappointment is a common human experience. I would be surprised if you could honestly say you have never experienced it. Not unless you have never done anything, never tried anything new, never supported a football team, never loved anyone, never had any dreams or hopes. Disappointment is a normal response to failure, either your own or someone else's.
You can be disappointed in yourself.
You failed an exam, to get the job, reach work targets or achieve the desired promotion. You broke a promise. You let down your colleagues, friend or relative. You are disappointed in yourself. You know something of how Peter felt after denying he knew Jesus.
You can be disappointed in other people.
You may blame others for your disappointment. “They” did not do what you wanted. “They” did not do what they should have done or promised. “They” have failed. You are disappointed in them, reluctant to trust them again. You know something of how Jesus felt when his di…

What does it mean to trust God?

What does it mean to say you trust God? I suppose a lot depends on your concept of God. Earlier today I read The God in whom I do not believe. It's a post well-worth reading.

That got me thinking about the God in whom I do not trust.

The God in whom I do not trust is the one who:
provides me with a car parking place exactly where and when I want it, although I am able to walk a good distance;arranges things entirely for my convenience so I can have an easy life while others struggle just to survive;holds off the rain when I have an outdoor activity planned, even when the local farmers are desperate for rain;ensures I never experience failure, disappointment, pain or grief.
I could go on but I hope you get the picture.
Why am I thinking about trust and particularly trust in God?
I've just signed up for a 40 day prayer journey about trusting God. This is part of the 'Prayer Works' project at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. The project aims to encourage crea…