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As a child I loved hanging upside down from trees, climbing frames, wall bars etc. I also enjoyed standing on my head or hands. You get to see life from a different perspective.

Everything looks different upside down. I don't have a photo of me doing that and I'm certainly not going to start trying it again at my age. So here is an upside down photo of a place I know well when it's the right way up.

This blog isn't really about upside-down photos but about upside-down values, which could turn out to be the right way up.

Imagine a society where those who are despised, forgotten or neglected receive the greatest reward, or in Jesus' words are truly 'blessed'. It's the opposite of what usually happens.

Based on Jesus' 'beatitudes' Matthew 5: 1 - 10 this video is worth taking a look at.

Photo: my own, turned upside down

Women Bishops

How long will it be before women may serve as bishops in the Church of England on equal terms with bishops who happen to be male?

2014 or even later?

In July 2008 General Synod (all 3 houses) decided to plan for the consecration of bishops who happen to be female, with safeguards in the form of a code of conduct to protect those who cannot accept the authority of a bishop who is a woman.

Yesterday the Revision Committee published proposals (to be brought back to Synod) for statutory provision to be made for those who cannot accept women as bishops (or priests) and those who cannot accept the authority of a male bishop who ordains women.

I cannot see how such leglislation can avoid creating a 2-tier episcopacy. I share the disappointment expressed by WATCH (Women and the Church) that this
"would be demeaning to women and would fundamentally damage the office of bishop in our church. Were such proposals to pass through our church synods, the Church of England would be in the uncomfortab…

Progress Prize

I was surprised and pleased yesterday to be awarded a prize following the art school exhibitions in August

No I was not the winner - no surprises there. But I was presented with the award ( a bottle of bubbly) for 'the best progress in this class'.

This was a great encouragement to me to persevere with learning to paint with watercolours. Then someone I know commented,
"I suppose a best progress prize shows just how far you had to go from your start - it could mean from bottom of the class to 3rd from bottom".He's right of course, but I will not be deterred from trying a bit longer. As I've previously blogged, I do have a good tutor in Linda Travers Smith. In any case I don't see an art class as a competitive situation. We learn from and encourage each other. However I do enjoy competing with myself and trying to get better - if only I had more time to practice.

Image Credit: Pixabay, CC License