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Where did summer go?

Back in May I started this blog because I like learning new skills. I managed a few summer posts and then lapsed into silence, except for commenting on other people's blogs. I clearly haven't yet learned how to incorporate regular blogging into my lifestyle.

This photo of a poppy in my garden was taken about the time of my last blog. It's not very seasonal for the UK today, but I include it to brighten things up now that our summer seems to have gone.

My last post 'Painting Sand Dunes' was about my attempts at watercolour painting. Since then I managed to exhibit 2 paintings (including poppies) among others from my class in a student exhibition in August. I was hugely encouraged by comments of people who visited the exhibition. I know I've made progress and that's all down to practice and a good teacher.

I'm going to try to blog more often this autumn. I've noticed a few other bloggers like me who start with good intentions but don't keep it up.