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Palm/Passion Sunday

For Christians today is the beginning of Holy Week. It begins with a man riding a young donkey towards the walled city of Jerusalem, a city crowded in anticipation of the Jewish Passover feast, a celebration of freedom from slavery. If you could look down on Jerusalem that day you would see the huge golden domed temple and crowded narrow streets. You would see two processions entering the city from different directions.
On the main road coming from his winter quarters on the Mediterranean you see the Governor Pontius Pilate on a fine stallion. The Roman occupying power needed extra security to prevent terrorist threats at the festival. Alongside Pilate, riding and marching into the city are a lot of highly-trained, well-armed Roman soldiers. People line the streets cheering them - probably paid to cheer or threatened with violence if they didn’t. Here are the conquerors who have brought peace – of a sort. Everyone watching this procession has to cheer or risk violent punishment, even d…