In the church calendar Epiphany begins on 6 January, the Feast of the Epiphany and continues through the 3 or 4 Sundays of Epiphany until  2nd February, the Presentation of Christ in the Temple ('Candlemas').

Epiphany means 'revelation' or 'showing forth'. It is about how God is revealed in Jesus, through signs, miracles and preaching. In a personal sense an epiphany is a 'light bulb' or 'eureka' moment, that sudden realization of a truth previously hidden from understanding - that moment of exclaiming, "now, I see."

Here are some Epiphany posts:

General Posts for the Ephiphany Season

Perseverance in the season of Epiphany

Feast of the Epiphany 6 January

Feast of Epiphany: wise men still searching
Epiphany: The Fourth Wise Man has a thought-provoking story
The Epiphany is a 2015 round-up of various Epiphany posts
Epiphany has a poem reflecting on the gifts given and what we can give to Jesus
Feast of Epiphany is a reflection with a poem by Nancy Rockwell
Wise Men and a 'cold coming' is about what was it the magi found - birth or death?
Punching Holes in the Darkness is a reflection on the meaning of Epiphany
Epiphany Joy is an invitation to greet the Epiphany season with joy

1st Sunday of Epiphany/Baptism of Christ

Baptism of Christ: The 1st Sunday of Epiphany
Washing and New Beginnings is about change and new starts
The Baptism of Christ is about what that event shows about God

2nd Sunday of Epiphany

Under the fig tree - reflection about Nathaniel's call

3rd Sunday of Epiphany

Heaven in Ordinary - a reflection on the Wedding at Cana

4th Sunday of Epiphany

(work in progress)

Presentation of Christ in the Temple 2 February

(not strictly Epiphany which ends the evening before)

Candlemas 2018