Mother Julian of Norwich

'Mother Julian' of Norwich is remembered today in the Anglican church. She was a 14th century Christian mystic who lived in Norwich. 

She was an inspirational woman in her own time, but her writings have only really become well-known since the 20th century. You can read about her life and work here.

Her book "Revelations of Divine Love" is said to be the first book written by a woman  in the English language. T.S. Eliot quoted from this in his poem 'Little Gidding' in the Four Quartets, affirming the divine love behind all things, so that:
"All shall be well and
all manner of things shall be well."

One of the people inspired by Mother Julian's visions of Christ is Janet Morley, who wrote this prayer in response:
Christ our true mother,
you have carried us within you, laboured with us
and brought us to bliss.
Enclose us in your care,
that in stumbling we may not fall,
nor be overcome by evil,
but know that all shall be well. Amen.

For a tranquil end to this feast day, take a look at this short video with quotes from Julian of Norwich and some superb images. Enjoy.

Here is a previous post about Julian of Norwich .


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