World Cup Fever

Today's the day I come out and say, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN FOOTBALL.

Never have. Probably never will.

Kicking a ball about with my children years ago and now with my grandchildren is fun but I won't attempt that once they're old enough to use the proper grown up football (soccer ball). I did once regularly watch rugby football - standing on the touchline as a 17 year old schoolgirl watching the local boys' school team play, but my interest was in the boys and their bodies and not what they were doing with the ball.

I was not thrilled to hear a TV reporter tell me this morning that 'World Cup fever begins today'. This was accompanied by a photo of 23 men and 1 women in grey lounge suits standing to attention before boarding their flight to South Africa. Apparently they were the England team.

The Church of England website is now showing 3 prayers here for the World Cup, including one for people like me who really couldn't care less. I do care about South Africa though and I am interested in South Africa for all sorts of reasons, personal and general interest. I wonder whether or not hosting the World Cup will do anything to help those who most need it in that country.

Our C. of E. Diocese (Oxford) has a link with the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuraman in the Northern Cape area of South Africa. Having recently returned from a visit there the Archdeacon of Buckingham is now posting 25 days of Playing and Praying on her blog to co-incide with the world cup fever period. This is worth reading whether or not you are overcome with World Cup Fever.

My apologies to all readers for whom this coming season is the highlight of the year and who simply cannot understand people like me. Perhaps you can explain why football is so important? I will try to understand you.


  1. I'm with you. have no interest in football whatsoever!! will be quite glad when its all over :)

  2. Thanks for your support Red. Thankfully my other half isn't interested in football either, so I won't have to be a World Cup 'widow' - and we can mostly avoid the places with the big screens.


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