A Real Treat

My father would have been astonished at me posting a steam locomotive photo. (Not my photo - see below.) Had he lived long enough to blog he might have blogged about steam trains. When I told him I couldn't understand this enthusiasm, his joking response was, 
"women have no soul". 
I think he may have been quoting someone - Aristotle? Tell me if you know the origin.

For some people seeing or operating steam engines is a REAL TREAT - I'm beginning to understand that, thanks to Fred Dibnah and other enthusiasts like my husband. So, if you're a steam enthusiast, in the words of the well-known ad, 'treat yourself, because you're worth it'. Find a steam engine to play with! I won't. 

But I do like a treat. One of my regular treats comes as a gift through a blog I follow. Dave Perry's Visualtheology blog (successor to davesdistrictblog) has superb original photos and interesting reflective writing from a Christian perspective. I like the quote (English translation) from Marcel Proust at the head of his blog,
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." 
Dave Perry's photo shown above (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2. 0. UK: England and Wales) is from his post earlier today which is well worth reading. It was reading that post that triggered mine. Go there! Even if you disagree with Dave Perry's thoughts, the images alone are well worth the browsing time for anyone who enjoys photographic art and is open to seeing with new eyes. They've even helped me see steam engines differently and his writing today made me smile.


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