I've just created my first blog - not sure why, perhaps it will become clear as I practice blogging. It may only be useful for organizing random thoughts from time to time. The reason for starting today is that I'm recovering from flu so haven't the energy to get on with the gardening on this sunny day. When I feel better I'll probably have something more interesting to write. Any advice out there about blogging for beginners?


  1. Hi

    Like the new blog, and thanks for linking to the Mouse. I notice that its not updating though. Try using this feed for the link instead http://feeds2.feedburner/thechurchmouse

  2. Welcome! I like to think of a blog as simply a sort of postcard - the kind of thing you might save up to tell a friend, though as you'll have seen there are plenty of different approaches around.

    PS - the word verification is "quaboy". I'm not sure how appropriate that is.


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