Blowing Raspberries at Baptism

Having a quiet chuckle, remembering the baby I baptized this morning. He is a sociable 6-month old boy, who when carried to the font, decided to entertain the congregation by demonstrating his new skill of putting his lips together and 'blowing raspberries'. For him, it was an expression of pure joy, enhanced by the delighted reaction of his siblings and cousins.

I managed to complete the 'Prayer over the Water' with due reverence while the infant candidate continued to make his loud and 'joyful noise to the Lord'.

It's best for me to avoid catching anyone's eye at such moments. A priest who giggles while administering a sacrament may cause offence.

I'm laughing now at the way that baby reminded me of the joy of new life in Christ. That joy sometimes seems to well up when I'm least expecting it, like today.

The youngest 'raspberry blower' can teach us not to take ourselves too seriously and remind us to delight in God.


  1. to delight in God, what a fabulous thing to remember. it's easy to be serious and faithful and somber but to delight in the wonder and amazement, that's the difficult part. thanks for reminding me

  2. A VERY belated thank you Emma for your comment, which I found very encouraging at the time. I was still too new to blogging back in 2009 to have realized that it's courteous to respond to comments people make on your blog. Sorry - I hope I'm getting better. Many thanks and happy blogging to you!


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