This poem by Brenda Marshall made me laugh last night. It's published in 'Nubs', The Dappled House 2004.

The Sting

Two queue.
She said,
"We'll wear our best:
The stripy vest
That's gold and dark
With pointed pin.
We must get in
This ark."

Oh, Noah,
Victim of a con,
If you'd been smart
Wasps could be gone.

Would the world be better without wasps? For people like me who have severe reactions to their sting, a wasp-free world sounds good. But would it be? According to entomologists, even wasps have a useful place in the ecosystem of which we are all a part. The many species of wasps control many other insect species including those that may devastate forests and food crops. Like their bee relatives some wasps are pollinators.

OK - they have their place, but I still don't like them and would prefer them to stay away from my place.

Image Credit: Flickr, CC License


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