Grumpy Sheep and Paper Shredding

After a school nativity play, I cannot get the song, "I'm a very grumpy sheep, a very grumpy sheep..." out of my head.

The 'sheep' played his part most convincingly, as did the other 4 - 7 year olds in the cast of the popular children's musical 'The Grumpy Sheep' composed by Caroline Hoile. It was fun and tear-jerking.

Later I 'grumped' around my study, trying to achieve a degree of order and cleanliness ready for Christmas and for a visiting family member to use it as a bedroom. Our compost bins are now enriched with a lot of shredded paper. I can see almost all the study floor and it's now clean! So, in the words of the transformed grumpy sheep after he'd been dragged unwillingly to see the baby in the manger, I can now sing,
"I'm a very smiley sheep, a very smiley sheep..."
This simple repetitive ditty is meant to be memorable, but I'm ready for a change of song in my head now please.

I came across a song while paper sorting - a convoluted version of an ancient psalm. I'm saving it on the blog before consigning it to the compost. I prefer Psalm 23 in simpler form, but this version quoted below has to have 4 out of 10 for ingenuity, though 0 out of 10 for sing-ability. I suppose you could try forcing it into one of the more tedious Anglican chants. I have it as attributed to 'author unknown'. Does anyone know a source?
The Lord and I are in a shepherd/sheep situation 
and I am in a position of negative need. 
He prostrates me in a greenbelt grazing area: 
he conducts me directionally parallel to non-torrential aqueous liquid. 
He switches me onto a positive behavioural format 
for the maximum prestige of his identity. 
It should be said that notwithstanding the fact that I make ambulatory progress 
through the inter-hill mortality slot, 
terror sensations will not be substantiated in me due to paranormal phenomena. 
Your pastoral walking aid and quadruped pick-up unit 
introduce me into a pleasurific mood-state. 
You design and produce a nutrient bearing furniture-type structure 
in the context of non-co-operatvie elements. 
You act out a head related folk ritual involving vegetable extract. 
My beverage utensil experienced a volume crisis. 
It is an on-going fact that your inter-relational, empathetical and non-vengeance capabilities 
will remain with me as their target focus for the duration of my non-death period; 
and I will possess tenant rights in the housing association of the Lord 
on a permanently open-ended time basis..

Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia


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