Vanity and Webcam Images

I enjoy the internet for its windows on the world, all from the privacy of my study. Now I have a dilemma. Do I want to make video calls from here or not? My husband recently installed a webcam and Skype on his computer in his study. From there I've enjoyed sharing his free video calls to family and friends. It's fun both seeing and talking with the grandchildren.

I've been persuaded to think about downloading Skype . As it's free it seemed a good idea, but video calls need a webcam which are not free. I went out and bought a webcam. I mounted it on my VDU and installed the software. I tested it by taking a photo. It works! It works too well! It shows an accurate high-resolution image of me complete with wrinkles, reading glasses, unbrushed hair wearing slobbing-around-gear and no makeup. Perhaps if I placed it further away?...On the shelf to my left? On the right?....

Meanwhile I delay signing up to Skype, whose offer of free video calls was the only reason for buying the webcam in the first place. Is this procrastination, vanity or fear of privacy being further invaded through technology? Yes, I do know you can turn off the webcam and still have a free audio call. All the same, I've put the first toe in the water, shouldn't I go for the full immersion?

What do you think?

Photo: my own


  1. Is it a generational experience gap, or a new marker of "a certain age", that one either doesn't actually need to see someone to have a meaningful conversation, or is no longer so keen on being seen?


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