To bin or not to bin?

In my last post 'Staring, Sploshing and Splashing' I wrote of my Lenten intention to spend time in anything that would help me learn to paint in watercolour. Since then I made 2 more attempts at painting bottles, jars and glasses. Was this a waste of time? No - I enjoyed the challenge. Was I pleased with the results? No - I didn't achieve what I imagined I might. Does that matter? No - I'm not trying to earn my living from painting, thank God. 

Here's a glimpse of one of my 'failures' sitting in the bin waiting for me to decide whether or not to tear it up for the compost bin at the bottom of my garden. Or should I scrub it under the shower, as a watercolourist I know suggested?

A few weeks ago I read a post called 'Painting for the Bin' in the blog of a professional artist, Jean Haines. It inspired me to be more ready to paint purely for the joy of playing with paint with no thought of a finished result. That shouldn't be too difficult. After all that's what I did as a child before I gave up drawing and painting in my teens because I "couldn't do it".

It's saying 'no' to the voice in my head of the adult achiever that's difficult. And the voice that says 'what a waste of paper'. Rhubarb! Play isn't a waste of time. It's life enhancing. And it's not a waste of paper if it becomes part of rich compost which my husband and I will use to grow vegetables and fruit which will feed us as well as family and friends. Here's some we grew last year.

Now, when the rhubarb appears again, should I try to paint it? Meanwhile, perhaps I should just play with mixing rubarb colours in anticipation of warmer weather to come.

What do you think?

Images: my photos of paper in bin and rhubarb in garden


  1. Hi There, I've just stumbled upon your blog via someone elses! But I say 'be free with the paint!'. I am an artist too and some of my best pics have come from experimenting and just chucking the paint around (literally in some cases!). You don't have to show the results to anyone unless you want to, so go for it! :)

  2. Thanks 'Red'. Just the encouragement I needed.

  3. I would agree with Red. Playing and enoying it, using painting or any other form is fun and will not be wasted.

    I often wonder if my reading is wasting time, than think, so what! Lots of it is helping me to learn and grow, other is just for pleasure enjoying a book.

    No regrets whatsoever.


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