7 Deadly Blog Sins

Hieronymus Bosch didn't have blogging in mind when he painted his oil panel of the Seven Deadly Sins.

I read a post on Lesley's Blog this morning that said Blog Envy is one of the seven deadly sins of blogging. That led me to wonder what the other 6 might be?

Lesley's post was about envying the size of readership of other people's blogs and poses the question - does it matter? I think it depends why you blog. If you blog as a marketing tool, then the more people from your target market who read the blog the better.

Some people keep their blogs totally private so no-one else can read them. I'm still not sure why I started blogging. I think I see myself as a seed sower, scattering seed broadside. If any of my blog seeds take root and grow somewhere - that's great. If they don't...oh dear..here creeps in blog envy! That led me to wonder what the other 6 blogospheric sins might be.

Alternatively I might blog about 7 blogging virtues one day. Any suggestions what these could be?


  1. For me, one of the deadly sins is using blogs simply as a means of reiterating in strong language long-standing, deeply held convictions and or anger against others. I have great experience of doing both (not using blogs) I hasten to add.

    I value blogs by (and conversations with) people who appear to be seeking, learning, listening, on a journey and making themselves vulnerable by sharing new insights. One of my favourite bloggers is Matthew Taylor, a non-believer. This is from one of his blogs last week:

    I found it interesting that most of those people who report having vivid religious experiences are (otherwise) perfectly rational, and they seem to live more effective and fulfilled lives after the experience.

    from "Me, my team, God and the enlightenment" at: http://www.matthewtaylorsblog.com/uncategorized/me-my-team-god-and-the-enlightenment/

    Thank you for sharing your insights, Nancy.

  2. Thank you Graham for your comment. I agree about 'reiterating in strong language..." etc and about valuing blogs of people who appear to be "seeking.." Thank you for pointing me to Matthew Taylor's blog - really interesting. I've added his blog to my reading list.


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