In the UK tomorrow is 'Mothering Sunday'. Many mothers will act surprised and pleased when their young children (perhaps helped by father) appear early in the morning with 'breakfast in bed for Mummy'.
As my children have all long fled the nest, that doesn't happen any more, although they may produce other delightful surprises. I have kept one or two of my children's early attempts at surprises for me - not the breakfasts I hasten to add. On my study notice board is a piece of embroidery by my daughter, which she had made into a card, not long after she had mastered joined-up handwriting.

This came as a genuine surprise - she had made this secretly in her bedroom - perhaps the first embroidery she had done without my (or a teacher's) help. It's very special for me.

These thoughts about being surprised were triggered by this interesting post here by 'The Vernacular Curate' about whether Jesus was ever surpised. It's part of a series of blog posts about the emotions of Jesus. Much food for thought.

Images: my photos of my daughter's creative work at c. 9 years