Undeserved Thanks

What do you do when someone thanks you profusely for doing something you know for certain you didn't do? This happened to me the other day.

I was overwhelmed with the depth of the woman's gratitude. As I knew this was totally underserved, I suggested she had mistaken me for someone else. She was adamant that she had never forgotten me or what I did for her on the occasion of (X).

In the particular circumstances it was kinder not to argue the point. She did not believe it hadn't been me all those years ago and she really needed to say that thank you. I didn't deserve it but another woman (name unknown) did or does. Perhaps I'll find out who one day.

The incident reminded me that giving thanks is often more important than being thanked. What do you think?


  1. Yes I agree. I think we don't (usually!)do things in order to be thanked, but recieving one is a bonus that makes us feel better and good about what we have done. In giving thanks to another we are openly blessing them with this feeling. A feeling of being useful, needed, having 'done the right thing'.

    Under the curcumstances I think you were right not to press the point, she would just had ended up feeling embarassed or put out. It sounds like she did need to say this, so maybe you have helped her to put somthing to bed that may have been hanging around in her life for a while?
    red x

  2. Red - I've just realized I never replied to your comment posted nearly 2 years ago. Many apologies. My excuse is that I was still feeling my way around blogging at the time - but it's no excuse really. Thank you for bothering to comment - many (belated) thanks to you.


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