7 Link Challenge

I like challenges. Is that why I started blogging? I don't know. Now for today's challenge. 

Thanks to Darren Rowse here's my attempt to respond to his 7 Link Challenge. The Church Mouse has done it here. Lesley's Blog has done it here. It's time I had a go, so here goes.

Link 1: My First Post

My first post on 2 May 2009 was the most boring. I was dipping a toe in the water to learn how blogging works. I was recovering from flu, so lacking energy to garden which was what really needed to be done I started a blog with a post called 'The Blog Begins'. That was a scary moment, but I was encouraged that within 5 days 2 other bloggers commented - The Church Mouse and Autolycus. Thanks to them I decided to persevere, if only for my benefit (and the challenge of course.)

Link Two: The Post I most enjoyed writing

I've enjoyed writing every post - I wouldn't do it otherwise - after all I don't have to and I'm not trying to earn a living by blogging. I could choose any, but today I'll go for 10 Things You Never Knew about Haggis because the idea of the haggis hunt always tickles me.

Link Three: A post which had a great discussion.

None of my posts have led to great discussions, which shows how much I have to learn about blogging. The post with most comments (only 4 and 1 of them was mine) was To Bin or Not to Bin and was about my attempts to learn to play or paint with watercolour.

Link Four: A post on someone else's blog I wish I'd written.

Now that really is difficult. I'm a regular reader of several blogs and an occasional reader of many. You can see the blogs I read regularly listed on the right side-bar. All have some posts I wish I'd written. I'd like to choose one by Ruth Gledhill who writes for The Times, but you can no longer read her posts without paying the publisher. So, I'll choose something you can read for free, Sauce and Substance as an example of many great posts on Dave's visualtheology blog which has the theme of 'seeing God in all things'. . I love both his photos and his reflections on them.

Link Five: My most helpful post.

As I have no way to know what has helped others, I'll choose one that helped me. Emptiness and Sorrow was written last Easter Saturday and helped in my preparation for Easter Sunday.

Link Six: A post with a title of which I am proud.

I don't think I'm particularly proud of any of my post titles, but for now I'll choose The Running Clock which was about time running out for taking effective action on climate change.

Link Seven: A post I wish more people had read.

I wish more people had read Holocaust Memorial Day, not so much because of what I said or quoted, but because I think the issues highlighted are so important.

7 Link Challenge completed.

I've done it quickly because there's a sermon waiting to be written and a mountain of courgettes to be made into soup. Has this exercise been useful? I have absolutely no idea. What do you think?


  1. It is interesting and useful to me, in a geeky-blogger sort of way - to see what other bloggers enjoy, admire and hope others read. I particularly enjoyed the Haggis one too!

  2. Thanks for reading this and almost immediately!Now I really must get on with that soup and sermon.


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