Of Bishops and the wearing of purple worsted

Wondering when to break my blog silence after a holiday I've been reading a lot of stuff ahead of the meeting of the Church of England General Synod tomorrow. No, I'm not a member, but I'll be following the proceedings of the next few days with more than usual interest.

Some considerable time ago General Synod decided it was theologically OK for women as well as men to be consecrated Bishops in the Church of England, a position with which I strongly agree. Not everyone agrees, which is why the processs of deciding how this should happen while honouring the position of those who disagree has taken so long and proved so complicated.

I won't attempt to explain the forthcoming proceedings as Synod grapples with the issues. You can read a very helpful (and not at all boring) summary here thanks to Justin Brett. Or if you follow the media reports you can have fun playing Synodical Bingo thanks to the Church Mouse. Print out the bingo chart, check the words as you hear them. Then weep that they don't include 'women' or even 'love', 'joy', 'peace' etc.

Better still, pray for grace and wisdom for all the Synod members. They haven't got an easy task.


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