Process proceeds towards women bishops in Church of England

Interesting headline from BBC News this evening, "Women bishops can be created, Church of England rules". I think they mean 'appointed' and 'consecrated'. It would indeed be a miracle if the C. of E. by a ruling could 'create' women - bishops or otherwise.

The headline refers not to an innovative theology of creation but to the decision this afternoon by the General Synod to pass (by an overwhelming majority) the 'Draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure' more or less as put forward by the Revision Committee. I'm delighted by this outcome. Now I feel more confident about staying in the Church of England, but aware that some are very disappointed.

The process isn't complete. The Measure is now referred to the Dioceses. If 50% approve (through Diocesan Synods) it returns to General Synod (in about 18 months?) for final approval which will require a two thirds majority. I've been dipping in and out of the audio live-streaming of the debate today. (I'm a woman. I multi-task). I said here I would follow closely. The snippets I heard were of impressively good quality, with much gracious generosity. Some of the 'tweets' from or about Synod over the last 3 or 4 days have been less than generous and made me feel sad.