Pilgrimage Retrospective Part 1. What I did/didn't do.

Things I didn't do on Diocese of Oxford Pilgrimage to Holy Land:
  1. I didn't buy a drink in the 'Lowest Bar in the World".
  2. I didn't sink in the Dead Sea. I tried and failed as did others as you can see here.
  3. I didn't run round the walls of Jerusalem (or anywhere else) early in the morning.
  4. I didn't catch fish in the sea of Galilee.
  5. I didn't get re-baptised in the River Jordan.
Things I did do on Diocese of Oxford Pilgrimage to Holy Land:
  1. I did drink a lot - mostly water because of the heat.
  2. I did stand in shallow Dead Sea water, with great difficulty from a floating position.
  3. I did take hundreds of pictures of walls of all sorts, some of them shocking.
  4. I did sing the British National Anthem standing in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee. (How bizarre is that?)
  5. I did renew baptismal vows at the River Jordan, was annointed with oil of chrism and then had a paddle in the water. A full immersion would have been more cooling.
I've unpacked the luggage and washed the clothes, but unpacking the whole experience will take a long time. This post is the start of a series. Watch this space.

Photo: my own


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