Winter Sunset

'Winter Sunset' from watercolour by Nancy Wallace

One way I relax is by playing with watercolour. You will know this if you read my earlier post 'Staring, Sploshing and Splashing. I'm a late beginner or by now an 'improver'. In recent weeks I've seen some magnificent sunsets and have struggled to paint such scenes with watercolour. This is one of the better attempts in my learning so far. It's an imaginery winter scene, loosely based on a combination of memories. I like the contrast between the warmth of the sunset colours and the cold of the ground and bare winter trees. I would like to have added a snowy owl in flight, but that was one challenge too far for me. Another time perhaps. Any other suggestions for development would be appreciated.


  1. Beautiful. Art is one of the most overlooked forms of worship. Do you think it's because it isn't a part of corporate worship?

  2. Caradeo - I agree that the visual arts are a neglected form of corporate worship - though not everywhere. I've taken a look at your blog with its drawings and lots of food for thought - hope you keep this up.


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