More haste, less speed?

3 former 'flying bishops' in the Church of England were received (as lay members) into the Roman Catholic Church on 1 January 2011. They will be ordained deacons on 13 January and priests on 15 January. 2 weeks as lay members before ordination and 2 days as deacon before priesting! 

Is this a record? I served 12 months as a deacon before priestly ordination. Many of my sister clergy who felt called to be priests served as deacons for 6 years (1988 to 1994) before being allowed to be ordained priest. By then the male colleagues with whom they had trained had been priests for 5 years. I can't help making the comparison, though I have to acknowledge that the 3 men to be ordained deacon (again) and priest (again) in Westminster Cathedral have considerable experience. I feel sad that Andrew Burnham, John Broadhurst and Keith Newton felt they must leave the Church of England. I hope they will find joy in their new calling and be a blessing to others. But I do wonder if this is a case of 'more haste less speed'.


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