The Archers and having a 3rd nipple

Are you an Archers fan? If you are, you belong to a special species of listeners to BBC Radio who can't get by without a daily fix of this everyday story of countryfolk. If you suffer from this addiction, don't worry. According to The Times columnist David Aaronavitch (BBC radio 4 interview today) liking the Archers is no worse than a mild congenital abnormality, like
"having a third nipple".
The Archers has now passed its 60th birthday and is the longest running BBC radio soap. I grew up with the Archers and for years later was a loyal listener. I'm pleased it's still going, even if I've stopped listening regularly. I've fond memories of the programme and if I catch it by chance on the car radio I enjoy a catch up. I had intended to tune in to the 60th birthday edition to discover what the event was that would shake Ambridge to its core, but I forgot. I heard a rumour that Nigel fell off a roof, but why or with what consequence I don't know and frankly don't care. But if you were shaken to the core by yesterday's progamme, my commiserations.


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