Before Breakfast

What do you do to keep fit? Go to the gym? Walk? Jog? Run? Swim? Ski? Thanks to my lovely family, I've tried a few different things these last 3 months. This image of Jean-Louis Forain's 'De Seiltänzerin' (The Tightrope Walker) is displayed to celebrate that I've now reached 'professional' level in walking across a tightrope suspended high between tall buildings. I hardly ever fall off now and all my practice has been before breakfast.

I'm not doing so well on heading footballs. Only amateur status there. Well, I've told you before I have no interest in football. Is that why I keep heading the trainers and the pandas flung at me instead of the spherical black and white objects?

I do now easily manage 1000 + revolutions of a (virtual) hula hoop and catch all the additional hoops that come at me.

While jogging after a guide around an island, my trainer told me recently 'you are a good runner'. This is a surprise. I hate running. I think it just means I keep a steady pace (moderate) and don't give up to the end (6 minutes or very occasionally 10). I do that before breakfast as well as a few minutes of step aerobics to a rather irritating tune. As for rhythmn boxing - I'm getting more aggressive which seems to help.

My favourite pre-breakfast (cool-down) exercise is wobbling about on an iceberg as a penguin catching fish. I'm now a professional fish-catching penguin (most times).

I also do some more boring muscle workouts - and all in the early morning privacy of our living room - with the help of my *** (Sorry - this blog is supposed to be an advertisement free zone.)

Is there any less of more than before? No, not much less - but the muscles are stronger. And I feel well and happy. How do you keep fit?


  1. Childish, I know, but I still can't get past the name of the thing. Boxing before breakfast, eh? All go in your house..!

  2. Autolycus - The name is completely ridiculous - I have trouble getting past it too. You haven't answered the question - what do you do to keep fit?


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