Building the House

Life is busy for many. It's easy to keep on going through the motions, the everyday chores of living, making a living, creating a home, raising a family. 

Just to keep juggling all the balls in the air, to do all the things we have to do or have set ourselves to do, can become an end in itself. It's easy to lose sight of why we do what we're doing. We can forget our true purpose.

Psalm 127 reflects on the tasks of life and relationships in the family and community - all things that require human effort to build and maintain. But the Psalm reminds us that these things are gifts of God. Ultimately we depend entirely on God for life, protection, peace and fruitfulness. The opening verse reads,

"Unless the Lord builds the house, 
those who build it labour in vain. 
Unless the Lord guards the city, 
the guard keeps watch in vain."
Psalm 127: 1

Lord, you are ever watchful
and bless us with your gifts;
as you provide for all our needs,
so help us to build only what pleases you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Response to Psalm 127, From Common Worship Morning Prayer

This post is the 39th in a series of daily Lenten reflections based on a Bible reading from the Common worship Lectionary of the church of England. This one is based on Psalm 127.


  1. "Unless the Lord builds the house,
    those who build it labour in vain."
    I love this verse. It's both comforting, when we are tired builders--and cautionary. It makes sense to make sure the Lord has his hands on the things for which we labour, so that the labour will not be in vain.
    Nancy, thank you for the blog roll add. I have changed my URL to match the title. The new URL is Would it be possible to add the new URL to your blogroll please, as the old URL will no longer work.
    You're on my blogroll too, of course!
    Thanks much,

  2. Anita - thanks for the encouraging comment. I've changed to your new 'Dreaming Beneath the Spires' URL on my blogroll. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. This is a great post, I liked your blog and added your feed... Keep on posting stuff like this


  4. Thank you for commenting 'Prophetic'. I took a quick look at your website and blog. I think you and I would find much to disagree about e.g. in a blog post you seem to describe yourself as 'The Chosen One'. That is a title I can only apply to Jesus Christ.


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