Does my blog look pink in this?

This pink elephant shows the surprise and horror I felt on discovering that for some months this blog's background colour has looked pink to many visitors. Some people like a pink background, but a girlie pink colour doesn't reflect my taste at all. I've occasionally been known to wear pink, but can't forget overhearing one of my grandmothers saying to my mother, "Nancy must never be allowed to wear pink". I was about 9 years old at the time and my dark blonde hair had a sandy/gingery tint to it which was thought not to go well with pink.

Exactly how this blog went pink I don't know - obviously I must have caused it when fiddling around with personalising the template. On my PC the background continued to look white, which is what I wanted. I had begun to suspect others saw it differently. The problem finally came home to me this afternoon when I was undergoing an annual 'MDR' (Ministerial Development Review) and my reviewer, who had visited this blog, asked why it looked pink. Why, indeed? I've done some more tinkering now and I really hope I've lost the pink. If you can still pink here (except in the elephant photo and perhaps the post title) please let me know!

Does my blog look pink in this? I do hope not.


  1. Not pink now, Nancy. It's been pink as long as I've been following it, but I didn't think anything of it, so it's a good thing your reviewer mentioned it. The new background is very pleasant and the contrast is good for someone like me with poor sight.

  2. That's a relief! Thanks for the reassurance Perpetua - hope you find the change an improvement


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