Looking for Hope

Refuge after climb,
safe place to rest and sleep,
shaded from sun,
hidden from wind and rain.
Sheltering stone,
foundations deep in rock.

Life-saving fortress,
for one who runs to you
broken by taunts,
scoffed at and terrified,
forgotten wretch,
humiliated, trapped and scorned.

Refuge in the way,
symbol of life and hope,
presence of strength,
hopeful in hopeless world.
Sheltering Rock,
saving and faithful God. 

The words above are my first draft of a poem based on Psalm 31, a song that speaks of David in deep distress seeking refuge in God. The Psalm describes an isolating, humiliating and frightening situation - someone scorned, bullied and in fear for his life - someone looking for hope in a hopeless world and finding shelter in God.

This Psalm is often used on Good Friday. In the suffering it expresses, together with deep trust in God, can be seen a picture of Jesus, who quoted from it as he died on the cross, "into your hand I commit my spirit".

In the video below the whole psalm is read with a background of urban visuals.

This post if the 24th in a series of daily Lenten reflections based on one of the Bible readings from the Common Worship Lectionary of the Church of England. This one is based on Psalm 31.