British Weather Anglican Style

My husband thinks I'm obsessed by the weather forecast. This is not true. I simply like to make sure I'm suitably dressed for the weather, which in the UK is normally changeable. All the same, I do like this vintage weather forecast (1966) sung by the Master Singers, in the style of a traditional Anglican chant.


  1. This is brilliant! I have to confess to a similar fondness to the shipping forecast, sung or read. Don't let your hubby persuade you otherwise - weather is life..

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Emma. I wouldn't go so far as to say 'weather is life' but it certainly affects life (and mood).

  3. That's hilarious! Loved it. I never look at the forecast--and am generally lucky, though have had many too hot or too cold days out!!

  4. Anita - thanks. Hope the weather is treating you kindly today.

  5. Brilliant! I too am obsessed by the weather. I don't drive and have to walk everywhere, hence my reliance on the weather reports.

  6. Much better to drive than walk Chelliah. Weather reports are useful aren't they?


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