Saturday Six

These six doughnuts (or 'donuts' if you prefer) is the best illustration I can come up with for this collection of other people's goodies, otherwise known as a 'round-up'. What follows for Saturday are links to six posts I've enjoyed or found helpful this last week. None of them have anything to do with doughnuts, but you might find one or two morsels to enjoy or make you think.

A Benedictine nun is not the first person you might think of for advice on digital communication, but Digitalnun is as 'tech savvy' as most of us need to be. Her post Minimial Geekdom: Blogging by Request summarises for the ordinary person the 'must-haves' and the dreamland 'nice to haves'. I like the way she writes about skills as the essentials e.g. you don't have to own a computer (go to a library or internet cafe) but you do need to learn how to use one.

Good in Parts has a beautiful story about a crying child in Crying for Love.

In 'Gay Bishops, angry Archbishops, and Deans speaking from beyond the grave' the Church Mouse has the most balanced post I've read on the leaks about the secretive process of selecting bishops that has hit headlines in the Guardian and the Telegraph. He points out how damaging the leaks are but how much more damaging the fact that the Church of England "operates under these farcical and outdated rules and procedures".

Maggi Dawn writes about the value of reading old books - going for the first-hand experience and knowledge rather than starting with someone else's thoughts about them. Good Cambridge academic advice with a substantial quote from Oxford's C.S. Lewis.

Chris Beck, who blogs as BRUSH-PAPER-WATER has a post highlighting the vibrant watercolours of Amanda Spencer. Now why can't I paint like that?

In reaction to some of the absurd claims for hair care products 'Archdruid Eileen' has a fun post 'The Science and Spirituality of Hair Care Products'. Enjoy.

That's it for today.


  1. Thank you very much, Nancy, for pointing us to Church Mouse's blog regarding "Gay Bishops, angry Archbishops, and Deans speaking from beyond the grave". I find the language and tone attributed by the late Colin Slee to Archbishops Rowan and John distressing and difficult to believe but have no personal knowledge about the meeting in question.

    Lesley Fellows shared with us in December - at - what Rowan had to say about Colin. Rowan makes clear the extent of their disagreements but speaks with a respect and generosity of spirit which I continue to admire.

  2. Graham - thanks for commenting. I was also distressed by what was attributed to the Archbishops. I think it's always dangerous to rely too heavily on one person's experience (and interpretation) of a meeting, or even worse on selective quotes through media sources with their own agenda. Others at the same meeting may have remembered things very differently. That's why I was pleased to find an attempt at fairness and mutual respect by the Church Mouse.


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