Lost in Translation

This is a follow-up to my previous post "Naughty Ladies Fingers and Farmers Fried Up".

I have to say the farmers round here (in the Austrian Tyrol) have been looking extremely warm, working from dawn to dusk scything and raking hay on the steep meadows before the next rain.

Just another quote from our holiday hotel's newsletter:
Over centuries the Edelweiss of large poplarity has itself pleased with the result that it was threatened by becoming extinct already 1878. On an international conference agreed Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy to pretect the Edelweiss. Up to then it was usual custom that young men the rock clamber, in order to pick as proof of love a noble white bunch for their chosen one. Edelweiss was used as tea and herb infusion for the fight of most diverse diseases, from bronchitis and container problems to tuberculosis and Diptherie."
It was the "container problems" that caught my eye. So that's how to solve the problem of too many container lorries on the motorways - a gentle infusion of Edelweiss - from sustainable sources and nursery grown of course - leave the wild ones alone!


  1. Google Translate rules OK, Nancy! :-) Glad you'e having such an enjoyable holiday.

  2. I think it has gained in translation. I wonder what they really meant?

  3. And tonight we are looking forward to "ragout of domestic lamp in puff pastry". Will try to avoid the shards of glass and other dangerous ingredients.


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