Overheard in the coffee shop

Do you enjoy eavesdropping on other people's conversations? In crowded places it's impossible not to notice what's being said right next to you.

Here's a conversation I overheard from the next table in a coffee shop. 2 young women were having a heart to heart. The conversation went like this:

Woman A:
"I had to get up at 5 this morning to iron HIS shirt."

(I am thinking, why didn't he do it himself?)

Woman B:
"Why didn't you do it yesterday evening?"

(I am thinking, is this really 2011 or is it the 1950s).

Woman A:
"Because I got home from work late and by the time I'd cooked dinner, cleared up and sorted the washing I was too tired to stand for hours at the ironing board ironing all his shirts. And I hate ironing."

I resisted the temptation to join the conversation and wondered whether HE couldn't iron his shirts because he was too busy cleaning the toilet etc. or perhaps not he was also too tired after work. Or perhaps he hates ironing too. What do you think?

I avoid ironing as far as possible. Definitely won't be ironing to day.

Image: My photo of coffee and cake at Cafe Sacher, Innsbruck, Austria


  1. Husband irons his own shirts. I do lots of folding and smoothing but rarely iron anything. Had to iron the odd thing when I went to paid work, but people who want ironed things in this house have to do their own.

  2. I do like eavesdropping on other people's conversations and like you often feel like joining in. Why is it snippets of others' lives seem so much more interesting than our own?
    My husband used to say I was incurably nosy, I replied I was merely curious. A nice distinction!
    As for ironing, see my blog on procrastination written yesterday. Still haven't done the ironing.

  3. We have a work share agreement at home. Jen does the washing to prevent any accident when I'm using the machine. I do the ironing. And doing it is quite refreshing. Upstairs, quiet, a couple of cats spectating, waiting to jump on the pile of ironed clothes and time for thinking and reflecting.

  4. Being somebody that doesn't mind ironing, I turned it to my advantage and that is my business, I do about 15 hours ironing and get to catch up on t.v, films, radio & podcasts! Plus the money is double what I earned in a paid educational job!

    Having said all that - no, I don't iron my own clothes!!!!!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. Sorry about delay in response. I'm on holiday in a place with poor internet connection. I'm mostly walking and definitely not ironing!


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