Costly Commitment

Photo by Justin Watt
Do you know the story of the chicken and the pig? It's an old one.

Here's my version as I used this morning to illustrate the gospel reading - Matthew 16: 21-28.

Do you know my friends Chicken and Pig?

Chicken and Pig got chatting.

“They are good people at the farm”, said Chicken.

Pig nodded.

“They are kind,” said Chicken.

“Yes, yes”, said Pig.

“Times are hard for farmers,” said Chicken, “I think we should do something for them”.

Pig couldn’t imagine what, but he listened to Chicken’s idea.

She said, “I think we should give them something they really enjoy.” 

“Like what?” asked Pig.

“I was thinking,” said Chicken “that we should give them…BACON AND EGGS!”

Pig dug all 4 trotters into the ground, lifted his snout and rejected this monstrous idea.

“Absolutely no way!

For you that’s just a minor inconvenience.



  1. Costly Indeed.
    I suspect I am a chicken.

  2. Ray. I was going to say to you I'm a chicken too, but then I thought I'm sometimes more like the pig with stubborn refusal to give everything.


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