End of Summer Top 10

On the last day of August I've just looked at the Google stats for this blog to see which posts were the most read during this last month. Here's the list of the top 10 in descending order.

Saying Sorry Isn't Enough posted on 16 July 2011 and triggered by the News of the World Scandal.

Riot Wombles posted on 9 August 2011 is about a good news story in the aftermath of the riots in London and other UK cities.

Weeping with rage posted on 10 August 2011 points to Hayley Matthew's experience as a chaplain caught up in the Salford riots.

On Leaving the Sermon on the Printer posted on 4 August 2011 is about coping with the fear of public speaking and preaching. I wrote this after preaching without notes having left my sermon at home.

How to Strengthen Your Faith posted on 9 June 2011 is about strengthening Christian faith through spiritual food, exercise and rest.

Grave Thoughts posted on 25 August 2011 was triggered by reading about the idea of 'accompaniment' at Velveteen Rabbi's blog and asks why people don't wait for the grave to be completely filled in at Christian burial services.

What we British really mean posted on 17 May 2011 is a fun post about how saying what you mean doesn't necessarily result in people understanding what you mean. It includes an Anglo-EU translation guide by Jack Schofield to help English speakers from other cultures.

Aidan gets my vote was only posted this morning 31 August 2011 so I'm surprised it is in 8th position. It's about St Aidan, a monk/bishop/missionary of the 7th century. His commemoration is today.

Costly Commitment posted on 28 August 2011 is a funny story with a serious point about bacon and eggs.

Lost and Found posted on 26 March 2011 is a reflection in words and pictures on Jesus' story of the lost son, using  painting by Rembrandt and quotation from Henri Nouewen.


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