Friday Fun: a strange collage

This collage was generated as a result of answering 20 multiple choice questions. It's supposed to represent my web. I don't even know what all these objects are.

As a work of art I give it nil points. As representing me, possibly 2 points. I do own a finger puppet like the one here (keep it for the grandchildren) and a blue gadget like the one on the right of the penknife. I attach it to a belt loop (I use it while walking in the mountains to hang things on like sunglasses or a whistle). I also have crayons, dominoes and a safety pin or two - oh and a lipstick or two and some USB sticks.

I blame Autolycus for this time-wasting activity. I have 4 objects in common with his and I don't know what one of them is. Perhaps someone can tell me? It's the one above the safety pin.

If you've nothing better to do for fun on a Friday you can get your own collage here to show you what your web looks like. Beware - it's an advertising ploy. But you don't have to sign up to anything.


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