A Commitment to Blogging

I don't have to blog. No-one is paying me to do so. It doesn't make any difference to whether or not I eat. I can write a post when I feel like it and have the time. When I don't I can just leave the blog alone for a few days or weeks. So why do it at all? Because I enjoy it. Even if no-one reads it I would probably still do it.

Now I've taken a new scary step in the blogging world. I've committed myself to posting on the 14th day of each month as a #digidisciple on the BigBibleProject. My focus is 'Blogging Women of the Gospels'.  There are some wonderful stories and they all resonate with experience of people today. Some things are timeless. When I listed them (including those without names) I was surprised how many there are. This could keep me busy for a long time!

My first #digidisciple post will be published on Friday 14 October at 2 pm. This is about an unnamed woman in John's Gospel who was  such a credible witness to Jesus that many come to believe through her. Signing up on the Big Bible Project as a 'digidisciple' has meant getting to grips with Word Press. I submitted my first post for review/editing this morning and have now been told it's ready and scheduled to go. Maintaining this new regular commitment will probably be a challenge - but I like challenges. And no, I won't get paid for that either. I hope some of you will read it. I will cross-post here from time to time.

Is blogging a vocation or a compulsion? Just asking.


  1. Interesting question, Nancy. For some I think it's a vocation, for others a compulsion. For me it's a deeply satisfying and pleasurable interest, but one which can be left to one side if other more important or pressing things intervene. I look forward to reading your Big Bible Project posts, though I don't envy you having to deal with WordPress.

  2. Perpetua - I think blogging is becoming a sort of part-time vocation for me, but one I can put down as needed. I've just come back from a few days holiday and although I could have posted while away, I decided not to as there were more interesting things to be doing!


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