Thanks: a Round-up

Yesterday I promised a round-up of some bloggers who have helped me on my way, challenged or amused me. There really are too many to list or thank, but here are 5 for now. Please do not be offended if you think I should have included you. I'm grateful to you all, especially those who write the blogs I regularly follow. You can see the list towards the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Many, many thanks.

That "snapper-up of unconsidered trifles" Autolycus was one of the first people to comment on my blog when it was a baby. Thanks to Autolycus and the link in his post Belgium Invades I now know what Rockall looks like. This huge rock (tiny island) was just a name in the shipping forecast before. This post includes a video clip of the brilliant Flanders and Swan with their song 'Rockall'. Autolycus regularly posts excellent photos with well-written comments, mostly London based and with an eye for the unusual.

The Beaker folk of Husborne Crawley blog often makes me laugh. It's a satiricial blog - it's meant to amuse. It also often makes me think and I think that's also the intention. I like their disclaimer which begins, "None of the content of this site is remotely related to reality...." This is not true of course, it often has uncomfortable echoes of reality which is why it is funny. An example is the recent post 'If Ministerial Selection were like the X-Factor' caught my eye this week.

The artist Jean Haines has a blog called Watercolours With Life. Her posts, often with photos of work in progress are a joy to read or just look at. She has a very positive and encouraging attitude that has helped convince me that it is OK to enjoy playing with paint, even if my results mostly end in the bin. It's time I took her advice to heart, particularly that in her last Tuesday's post Injections of Positivity

Digitalnun whose posts at iBenedicines are well worth reading, definitely deserves a mention. I have learnt so much from them. The recent post on Control of Speech suggests that until we have learnt something about speech we can't understand silence. I'm still trying to work out what that means. I'm wondering if blogging is a preparation for the silence of which she speaks, or whether her blog posts emerge from the discipline of silence.

Finally thank you to Tabloid Watch, a blog I've just discovered, for explaining here what that cat story was all about - or not.

Image, issued under Creative Commons by 'toettoet' 


  1. Well thank you, that's very kind. And we like you too. Or at least I do. Drayton's not so sure.

  2. Thanks Archdruid Eileen. What's Drayton's problem then?

  3. Where do you begin? I think his relationship with his father was probably where it all started. But skipping down the years, your being a church leader called "Nancy" isn't going to help.

  4. Archdruid Eileen - please tell Drayton I refuse to be held responsible for the choice of either my name or my gender.

  5. Tabloid Watch looks like a good blog.

  6. Thank you, Nancy, for YOUR blog and for introducing me to others, as well as your gracious words about iBenedictines.


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