Top Ten for September 2011

Here are the 10 Most Read Posts in the last month according to Google statistics for this blog. These aren't the posts I would have chosen, but it seems these got visited the most.

Saying Sorry Isn't Enough was posted in July 2011. I say it isn't enough because it needs to be part of a process. These thoughts were triggered by Rupert Murdoch's 'We are Sorry' advert in UK national newspapers following the News of the World scandal.

What we British Really Mean posted in  May 2011 is about how saying what you mean doesn't always mean people will understand what you mean. It includes a helpful Anglo-EU translation guide for common British phrases such as 'very interesting' which can be taken to mean 'they are impressed' but really means 'that is clearly nonsense'.

Forgive How Often? posted in March 2011 is about Peter's question to Jesus about how often he should forgive his brother. Is 7 times enough? Peter thought that was a lot. Jesus thought differently.

9 Silly Ways to Illustrate Your Sermon posted in September 2011 is one of Dave Walker's cartoons about church life.

In How to Strengthen your Faith posted in June 2011 I suggest that faith is strengthened by exercise, food and rest. This was an expansion of my tweeted reply to a question posed on Twitter by the Bible Society.

Can you make people worship? posted 6 September 2011 was about the legal requirement for schools in England and Wales to have a daily act of collective worship of a broadly Christian nature.

Dropping Everything posted 21 September (St Matthew's Day) is a reflection on a painting by Len Peralto.

Holy Cross Day posted 14 September 2011 was about a day I hadn't taken much notice of before.

Lost and Found posted 26 March 2011 is a reflection on a statue by Karen Schmidt and the story of the Prodigal Son.

5 Senses of Love posted 14 April 2011 asks what does love look like, feel like, sound like, taste like smell like?


  1. Holy Cross Day was my favourite.

  2. Thanks Chelliah - strangely that was probably my least favourite and into which I put least thought.


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