Friday Five

I've read some excellent blog posts this week and I want to share five with you: 

  • Best autumn picture on Penelope Episcopal's Wordless Wednesday post on her 'You Cannot Have Too Large a Party' blog.. Only 4 words in the post with a stunning picture illustrating 'fall' (well she is in the USA).
  • Best sermon idea for Christmas season by David Keen on his 'Opinionated Vicar' blog.
  • Most moving post 'Where Stories are found' by Anita Matthias on her 'Dreaming Beneath the Spires' blog.
  • Most heart-warming story in Retailer Gets Christmas on David Cloake's 'The Vernacular Vicar' blog.
  • Best preparation for the weekend, including advice to "expect miracles at parties" in Vacare Deo by Digitalnun on her 'iBenedictines' blog.

All of these have lightened up my week. Thank you.

Image: Compound of 5 tetrahedra from Wikipedia by Robert Webb of Great Stellar Software


  1. You are welcome Anita. Your post to which I linked chimed with much of what I've been thinking and praying about in relation to my blog. I often enjoy reading your blog, but sometimes it adds the 'ouch' factor for me (a challenge)- but that's good.

  2. Thankyou Nancy. I still haven't turned the idea into a proper sermon, I was hoping someone else would do that for me!!

  3. David - I'm sure you've sown a seed that many others might choose to grow. One way your idea could be used is as as a brief (silent?)drama to lead into a service/sermon on incarnation theme.


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