Why I've stopped sitting on fence about Anglican Covenant

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I have followed arguments for and against the proposed Anglican Covenant.

The more I read and heard the more confused I got. I'm the sort of person who likes to see all sides of a question before I make up my mind. Other people can see this as indecisive or negative. When someone suggests a good idea I will think about what's bad about it and vice versa. This leads to uncomfortable fence sitting.

Today I've jumped off a fence and come down against the Anglican Covenant. In some ways I am sad about this as I have great admiration for the Archbishop of Canterbury and it was his proposal.

What is it that has decided me? It's the speech given by Perran Gay to the Truro Diocesan Synod which is helpfully quoted in full on Lesley's Blog today. Have a look. It doesn't take long to read (unlike the Anglican Covenant itself.)

The Revd Canon Perran Gay presented a well-argued case against the covenant. It's got me off the fence, so somewhat late in the campaign I've joined the No Anglican Covenant.

Thank you Lesley for bringing this speech to my attention and for arguing the case so strongly for so long.


  1. I'll be honest, it's all a mystery to me; I just seem to glaze over when trying to understand it better. But that's more a comment on my own intellectual apathy, than the Covenant itself.

    I'm sure it's an important issue, based on the amount of time given to it on blogs.

  2. Stuart, I felt the same, every attempt to understand left me wanting to glaze over and do something more fun instead. I think it is an important issue, not least because of the danger that some Anglican Provinces could sleep-walk into approving something they regret in future because of unforeseen harmful consequences.

  3. Oh no! Not more covenant stuff on more blogs. My favourite covenant post is this.

  4. Anita - thanks for the link to your favourite covenant post on this topic.


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