9th day of Christmas and No New Year Resolutions

Here are my New Year Resolutions.
You can't see any?
I didn't make any.
So I can't break any.
You didn't need to know that did you?
Not making resolutions doesn't mean I don't need to change.
I do, but the changes needed will take more than a resolution.
But you knew that didn't you?

Happy 9th Day of Christmas! Now where are the 9 ladies dancing? Tied down to a carousel in BC, Columbia and going nowhere poor dears. 

Image of notebook: Creative Commons: 'niznoz'


  1. Hi Nancy

    I'm 100% with you - death to the New Year resolution!! And absolutely right - the changes needed will take more than a resolution if they're gonna happen too.

  2. Happy 11th day of Christmas Emma. I don't think there's anything wrong with New Year Resolutions. I've made some in the past that have proved really useful and others I never had a hope of keeping. I think the problem is when we fool ourselves into believing we can re-invent ourselves.


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