Like a mighty tortoise

A long time ago the Church of England decided that women and men can be bishops. The reason it has not happened yet has to do with how to make generous provision for those who believe that women cannot (or should not) be bishops. So it is still the case that in the Church of England it is illegal for a woman to be a bishop. This is not the case in many other Anglican provinces, including Scotland and Ireland.

"Like a mighty tortoise moves the church of God.
Brothers, we are treading where we've always trod."

"Like a mighty tortoise" the brothers and sisters of the C. of E. are crawling towards a resolution of this issue. 42 of its 44 Dioceses have voted for the draft legislation agreed at the General Synod in 2010 to go forward without amendment. However an amendment suggested (and defeated in 2010) by the Archbishops has to be considered again, for reasons better explained by others. Next week's General Synod has the next step (not the final outcome) in its hands. Its deliberations and voting will be key to what happens after that. 

I want to see both women and men in all positions of leadership in the Church of England. I also strongly support the draft legislation, which does make generous provision for those who think only men should be bishops. I was delighted to discover today that The Church Mouse after several months break from blogging has returned, at least for a one-off post on this significant topic. Do read his post Ladies Hats - not just because I agree with it, but because it cuts through the legalistic gobbledy-gook so is easy to understand (even if you don't agree). 

Another post today on this topic is at Thinking Anglicans that quotes in full 'The Case Against the Archbishops' Amendment' presented by WATCH

Also see my previous posts on this:


  1. Thanks Nancy, I will direct people to your bog as I continue to reflect more often of late on Indaba.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rachel and for the link in you blog post today - looking forward to more of your Indaba reflections.


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