Saturday Six: A Roundup

Here's my round-up of six blog posts I've enjoyed or found interesting this last week.
  • A new blog which looks promising is the The Planetwise Blog, the official blog of A Rocha International. This has 3 authors. The first post, by Dave Bookless, is Whose World Is It Anyway? This is about a Biblical perspective on the ownership of the world as God's gift on loan to humanity.
  • Significant Truths blog has a short post Don't Take Care, Take Risks with interesting links. The post is in admiration of Canon Andrew White and the work he is doing in Baghdad.
  • And finally an extremely short post about the 24 hour absence of Wikipedia in It's Wikid  on Phil's Treehouse blog

Image: Wikipedia, Etoile de six rais d'or


  1. How sweet of you to link to me - thank you!

  2. Suem - well worth linking to you I think


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